Partnerships and Custom Development

ESPi is in the process of establishing an ecosystem around 3D User Interface devices and algorithms that recover absolute pose with the aid of computer vision (robotic vision) to obtain ground truth (e.g., for true 3D calibration of inertial units). We are seeking partners or customers to build beta units based on our proof-of-principle devices (alpha units). ESPi is prepared to work with qualified parties to develop and test beta units or take a hands-off-approach in pure technology transfers to parties with requisite in-house capabilities.

The company is also prepared to engage as a consultant and researcher on ventures and in collaborations with those seeking to investigate specific aspects of 3D user input techniques or wishing to upgrade their existing solutions. We are happy to join whether the aim of such projects is to develop additional solutions over and above ESPi's technologies or to build betas and products directly related to our innovations. In any case, we would be delighted to offer competitive licensing terms to parties that design products based on successful beta units that incorporate our proprietary insights.  Please contact us directly to explore consulting and licensing opportunities at

We are also interested in building relationships with parties having complementary capabilities to support our efforts. Relevant contributions include: